What is another word for defalcation?

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Defalcation is a term used to describe the act of embezzlement or misappropriation of funds. There are several synonyms for defalcation such as theft, misappropriation, fraud, swindle, pilfering, larceny, and deceit. All these words are used to describe the act of stealing or taking money illegally. Moreover, these words can be used interchangeably depending on the context of the situation. Whether it's an employee taking money from a company, or a public official abusing their authority and taking public funds, the act of defalcation is a serious offense that has legal consequences. Regardless of the synonym used, defalcation is always to be considered a criminal act that can lead to imprisonment and other legal actions.

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How to use "Defalcation" in context?

The word "defalcation" means the act of unlawfully taking personal property by deception or theft. Defalcation is a crime that can be committed by employees, shareholders, or officers of a business.

There are several types of defalcation crimes. The most common type of defalcation is theft, which is when someone takes someone else's property without their consent. Another type of defalcation is embezzlement, which is when someone takes property that was meant to be used for the benefit of their employer, but instead uses it for their own benefit.

Defalcation can also be committed through fraud.

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