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Defined is a term used to describe something that is clear and easy to understand. There are several other words that can be used as synonyms for defined, including precise, explicit, distinct, specific, and well-defined. These words all refer to something that is accurately and clearly delineated. Additionally, words like clear-cut, unambiguous, and sharply defined can be used in place of defined as well. In all cases, the word refers to something that is well understood and easy to describe. No matter which synonym is used, the implication is that what is being described is clearly defined and easily comprehensible to the reader or listener.

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What does "defined" mean?

Defined means "set forth in particular terms." A definition usually lists the terms used and provides an explanation for each. A definition can help you understand a word or phrase better.

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    • n.
      ill-defined, well-defined,user-defined,pre-defined,software-defined,application-defined,client-defined,hardware-defined,library-defined,server-defined.

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