What is another word for deformation?

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Deformation is a term used to describe the physical changes that take place when an object is subjected to stress or pressure. There are several synonyms for deformation, including distortion, contortion, warping, and bending. Each of these terms describes a different aspect of deformation, with distortion referring to changes in shape, contortion describing twisting or bending, warping indicating a change in the overall structure or form, and bending highlighting the specific action of bending at a single point. Other related terms include compression, which describes the reduction in size that can occur during deformation, and strain, which refers to the amount of deformation that occurs relative to the original shape of the object.

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Deformation is the process by which an object's shape is altered. It can refer to the gradual change in shape of a material as a result of pressure, heat, or other forces. Deformation can also refer to any change in the form or configuration of a thing.

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