What is another word for defraud?

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Defraud, a term that often refers to the act of cheating or deceiving someone, has several synonyms. Some of the most common include deceive, cheat, swindle, trick, dupe, hoodwink, and beguile. These words all describe the act of misleading or taking advantage of someone for personal gain. Other synonyms for defraud may include scam, fleece, con, bilk, and embezzle, depending on the context. While each of these words has a slightly different connotation, they all involve dishonest behavior. Using these synonyms can help you create more varied and descriptive writing, and accurately convey meanings in various situations.

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    How to use "Defraud" in context?

    There is no one definition of "defraud" because it is an intentionally misleading or deceptive practice that may lead to economic loss. To be considered a fraud, the act or omission must be intentional and have the purpose of obtaining something of value that is not legitimately due.

    Some common examples of fraud include:

    -Filing a false tax return


    -Peddling fake stock

    -Swindling an elderly victim out of their life savings

    Fraud can have serious and far-reaching consequences, not just for the individual who was defrauded, but for the overall economy as well.

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