What is another word for deliberations?

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When people engage in discussions, this can be referred to as "deliberations." There are many synonyms for this term that can be used to describe the same activity. One word is "consultations" which implies that people are seeking advice or guidance from each other. Another synonym is "conversations" which is a more informal way of describing discussions. "Discussions" is another word that is frequently used to describe deliberations. "Brainstorming" is a more creative form of deliberation where people are encouraged to come up with new and unique ideas. Finally, "negotiations" is used if there are different parties involved, each with their own interests.

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    Without deliberation, our judicial system would not be able to function. Deliberation is the process by which a judge reviews the facts of a case and reaches a decision. A judge must carefully consider all the evidence before making a decision, and must make a fair and balanced judgment. Deliberation is essential to ensuring that the law is applied fairly and equitably.

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