What is another word for delimitation?

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Delimitation refers to the act of defining or setting boundaries for something. There are several synonyms used to describe this process, including delineation, demarcation, circumscription, and confinement. Delineation is the process of describing or explaining something completely and in detail, while demarcation refers to the act of marking off or indicating boundaries clearly and distinctly. Circumscription involves restricting something within certain limits or boundaries, while confinement involves putting something within certain limits or restricting it. Other synonyms for delimitation include specification, definition, and limitation. These words are all used to describe the process of setting boundaries or constraints for something, whether it be a geographical area, an idea, or a physical object.

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    Delimitation is the process of dividing an area into territorial units that fulfill certain criteria, such as population size, natural boundaries, or administrative boundaries. It is a key part of demarcation of international boundaries, and is also used within national borders. Delimitation can be done manually or electronically.

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