What is another word for demimonde?

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[ dˈɛmɪmˌɒnd], [ dˈɛmɪmˌɒnd], [ d_ˈɛ_m_ɪ_m_ˌɒ_n_d]

The term 'demimonde' refers to a group of people who are on the fringes of society, often associated with immoral behavior. Synonyms for demimonde include 'underworld', 'subculture', 'bohemia', 'marginalized', 'outcasts', 'lowlifes', 'deviants', 'pariahs', and 'degenerates'. Each of these words carries a similar connotation of a group of people who live outside the norm of mainstream society. While they may be viewed as immoral or socially unacceptable, they often have their own set of values and ways of life that are distinct from those of the wider society. Ultimately, the label 'demimonde' is a subjective one, and different individuals and groups may have different interpretations of what it means to be part of this 'half-world'.

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    The demimonde is an often misunderstood and misunderstood subset of society that is often dismissed or even vilified. Unlike the salon world of fashion and high society, the demimonde is a world populated by sex workers, hustlers, and other types of escorts.

    In the strictest sense, the demimonde is a subculture of the upper class and is made up of people who make their living through the exchange of sex for money. This includes everything from high-end escorts and strippers to streetwalkers and sex workers who work in brothels or massage parlors.

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