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Demob, short for demobilization, refers to the process of returning military personnel to civilian life following their service. Synonyms for demob include discharge, separation, and decommissioning. Demobilization may also be referred to as demilitarization or demobbing. It's important to note that the term demob is most commonly used in Commonwealth countries, while the United States uses terms like separation or discharge. Whatever the terminology, demobbing can be a difficult and challenging process for veterans, who often struggle to adjust to civilian life and may require support and resources to help them through the transition.

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A demob or discharge from the military, is a ceremony in which service members are released from the armed forces. Demobilization occurs when an all-volunteer military force reduction to a size consistent with the nation's budget and requirements is completed. The armed forces often use the term "demobilization" when referring to their discharge ceremonies, which may differ in duration, scope, and procedures. Demobilization may be voluntary or involuntary.

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