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Demon is a word commonly used to refer to evil spirits or supernatural entities. However, there are many other words that can be used as synonyms to describe such entities. One of the most common alternative words is devil, which is also used to describe evil spirits. Other synonyms for demon include fiend, hellion, imp, incubus, succubus, monster, and phantom. Some of these synonyms might be region-specific or culture-specific, and their meanings could have different nuances. Regardless, they all represent malevolent entities that are often associated with evil, mischief and darkness.

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How to use "Demon" in context?

There is a word that many people do not like to be associated with, especially when considering themselves to be rational and intelligent individuals: demon. Historically, the word demon has been used to describe a being of evil and human desire, often possessing supernatural powers. For many, the image of a demon is one of something dark, evil and uncontrollable. In recent times, the word demon has been used more loosely to describe any adversary or adversary-like figure, friend or foe alike. In short, the demon is whatever people make of him or her.

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