What is another word for demoralization?

122 synonyms found


[ d_ɪ_m_ˌɒ_ɹ_ə_l_aɪ_z_ˈeɪ_ʃ_ə_n], [ dɪmˌɒɹəla͡ɪzˈe͡ɪʃən], [ dɪmˌɒɹəla‍ɪzˈe‍ɪʃən]

Synonyms for Demoralization:

demoralization (noun) discomfiture (noun) dishonesty (noun) disorientation (noun) eastern poison oak (noun) war of nerves (noun) eastern poison oak Other synonyms:

Rhymes for Demoralization:

  1. integration, proliferation, appreciation, divination, improvisation, escalation, hesitation, preservation, extermination, annexation, obfuscation, formulation, organization, meditation, oscillation, classification, education, expectation, implementation, maximization, assimilation, reaffirmation, dehumanization, industrialization, temptation, dedication, explanation, exfoliation, disorganization, overvaluation, conjugation, sanitation, continuation, misappropriation, refutation, devastation, derivation, premeditation, arbitration, imagination, radiation, relaxation, solicitation, coloration, revocation, liberalization, desalination, imputation, dissertation, incarceration, excitation, exhalation, inhabitation, retaliation, jubilation, commemoration, validation, clarification, association, usurpation, reparation, civilization, desiccation, toleration, anticipation, monopolization, sanctification, litigation, foundation, emanation, limitation, conversation, recuperation, prognostication, pagination, amortization, hospitalization, dramatization, denunciation, dissociation, collaboration, orchestration, representation, collectivization, configuration, termination, incrimination, desalinization, preoccupation, inoculation, incantation, excommunication, stagnation, annotation, confiscation, altercation, elimination, resignation, incubation, investigation, decontamination, devaluation, provocation, transplantation, exasperation, fascination, categorization, reincarnation, inhalation, inauguration, habitation, evaporation, emulation, socialization, naturalization, admiration, mitigation, generation, certification, cultivation, affirmation, negotiation, realization, medication, segmentation, amputation, humiliation, alienation, relocation, denomination, desecration, multiplication, dissipation, cremation, invalidation, oxidation, dispensation, deification, criminalization, visitation, deportation, manifestation, examination, disinclination, exhortation, facilitation, detonation, lactation, stalinization, convocation, fixation, rectification, deregulation, machination, quantification, documentation, expiration, consecration, deviation, segregation, retardation, damnation, punctuation, exacerbation, degradation, miscalculation, gradation, sedation, vilification, corporation, urbanization, capitulation, exhilaration, codification, exploration, commercialization, mediation, implication, centralization, figuration, corroboration, procrastination, simplification, revelation, elongation, cogitation, disembarkation, germination, conglomeration, substantiation, assassination, utilization, automation, discoloration, concatenation, ratification, confirmation, privation, authorization, evaluation, coordination, decoration, alteration, incapacitation, hallucination, registration, interpretation, consternation, intimidation, gestation, inundation, reverberation, vibration, oration, repatriation, situation, renunciation, authentication, diversification, affectation, cooperation, mutation, celebration, installation, concentration, notation, modernization, dissemination, identification, harmonization, appropriation, deformation, rationalization, sedimentation, congregation, conciliation, flirtation, glaciation, enumeration, valuation, illustration, purification, stimulation, sequestration, recommendation, starvation, fertilization, cohabitation, ostentation, fluctuation, operation, immunization, narration, frustration, intimation, reservation, ministration, correlation, reputation, gyration, cancellation, masturbation, compilation, dictation, suffocation, overpopulation, electrification, globalization, permutation, menstruation, contamination, irrigation, impregnation, subsidization, condensation, croatian, rotation, subordination, occupation, compensation, irritation, nullification, victimization, congratulation, misinterpretation, decentralization, inspiration, palpitation, miscreation, speculation, location, infiltration, tabulation, consummation, vocation, avocation, reunification, protestation, observation, federation, rumination, implantation, domestication, vaporization, stabilization, constellation, revaluation, differentiation, simulation, adjudication, ovation, procreation, summation, foliation, bifurcation, incarnation, dislocation, repudiation, confederation, predestination, isolation, population, optimization, reiteration, strangulation, fumigation, reallocation, westernization, manipulation, reclamation, rejuvenation, invocation, preparation, reformation, fermentation, mummification, creation, ovulation, levitation, qualification, restoration, transportation, gratification, hybridization, reexamination, demonstration, disinflation, origination, domination, deprivation, neutralization, ventilation, justification, illumination, inactivation, organisation, embarkation, flotation, nomination, legalization, innovation, denationalization, ossification, liberation, deliberation, exploitation, specialization, initiation, remuneration, aggravation, fragmentation, saturation, salvation, immigration, propagation, adaptation, reconciliation, equalization, marginalization, approbation, edification, deflation, disputation, misapplication, infatuation, perforation, discrimination, argumentation, appellation, reorganization, duration, regulation, desegregation, graduation, normalization, tribulation, amplification, self-congratulation, participation, evacuation, pollination, depredation, transformation, decapitation, taxation, distillation, unionization, insubordination, alleviation, vulgarization, exclamation, invitation, renovation, agitation, deforestation, falsification, excavation, incrustation, nationalization, glorification, annihilation, approximation, application, modification, translation, separation, perspiration, hibernation, pasteurization, experimentation, magnification, allocation, vindication, elevation, relation, affiliation, exhumation, reinvigoration, amalgamation, infestation, respiration, refrigeration, notification, pronunciation, libration, disorientation, constipation, vacation, fabrication, vegetation, gravitation, perturbation, computation, recitation, navigation, imitation, verification, calculation, ornamentation, inflation, motivation, mechanization, coronation, degeneration, expatriation, publication, stipulation, articulation, modulation, resuscitation, consolation, equitation, indemnification, complication, agglomeration, estimation, undervaluation, elation, exoneration, pacification, combination, instigation, fluoridation, vaccination, destabilization, calibration, profanation, aspiration, sensation, miniaturization, interrogation, information, pigmentation, confabulation, legislation, irradiation, allegation, vacillation, granulation, indentation, demonization, consultation, visualization, emigration, conservation, personification, specification, misrepresentation, mobilization, perpetuation, liquidation, condemnation, duplication, fortification, importation, coagulation, proclamation, exaggeration, regeneration, localization, molestation, presentation, ramification, impersonation, expropriation, destination, demarcation, instrumentation, magnetization, culmination, dalmatian, consolidation, colonization, desperation, trepidation, precipitation, sterilization, emancipation, disintegration, corp, indignation, discontinuation, quotation, moderation, malformation, standardization, recreation, obligation, ejaculation, augmentation, insinuation, commendation, communization, echolocation, elaboration, incoordination, ionization, dehydration, triangulation, animation, reconsideration, depreciation, intonation, contemplation, eradication, polarization, maturation, determination, dilation, declaration, violation, unification, recantation, reforestation, inflammation, ordination, privatization, revitalization, indication, generalization, conflagration, variation, dilatation, connotation, adulation, donation, characterization, delineation, desolation, defamation, nonproliferation, demobilization, rehabilitation, lubrication, equivocation, orientation, delegation, intoxication, confrontation, replication, sophistication, evocation, consideration, aviation, insulation, inclination, formation, accumulation, incorporation, negation, communication, remediation, amelioration, designation, adoration, plantation, deceleration, popularization, prostration, titillation, democratization;
  2. station, ration, nation;
  3. cessation, causation, citation, carnation, castration, alsatian, cetacean;
  4. abrogation, activation, aberration, abdication, accusation, acclimation;
  5. accommodation, abbreviation, accreditation, acceleration, abomination;
  6. capitalization, alphabetization;
  7. demilitarization, decriminalization, americanization;
  8. internationalization;

Quotes for Demoralization:

  1. Indeed, for almost 10 years, Moscow had to carry on a war unsupportable by the government, a conflict that brought about the demoralization and finally the breakup of the Soviet empire. Zbigniew Brzezinski.

Adjectives for Demoralization:

  • least temporary,
  • general social,
  • almost inevitable,
  • instant,
  • physical and mental,
  • abject,
  • civilian,
  • psychological,
  • hateful,
  • momentary,
  • pitiful,
  • contemporary,
  • liberal,
  • worse,
  • deeper,
  • desperate,
  • chinese,
  • well-known,
  • personal,
  • entire,
  • byzantine or french,
  • theft only sheer,
  • trial and considerable,
  • inevitable and positive,
  • social, moral or spiritual,
  • rapid public,
  • slow national,
  • widespread national,
  • great consequent,
  • always complete,
  • profound national,
  • universal social,
  • widespread popular,
  • own eventual,
  • complete military,
  • moral or spiritual,
  • physical and social,
  • political and financial,
  • general political,
  • own happy,
  • predawn,
  • social and economic,
  • such dangerous,
  • almost universal,
  • more terrible,
  • materialistic,
  • journalistic,
  • astute,
  • byzantine,
  • trial,
  • civic,
  • eventual,
  • scandalous,
  • administrative,
  • philosophic,
  • clerical,
  • morbid,
  • systematic,
  • theatrical,
  • appalling,
  • ecclesiastical,
  • utmost,
  • signal,
  • hopeless,
  • terrific,
  • financial,
  • criminal,
  • probable,
  • rotten,
  • positive,
  • visible,
  • hideous,
  • spiritual,
  • violent,
  • religious,
  • endless,
  • direct,
  • italian,
  • mental,
  • constant,
  • moral,
  • more or less,
  • dangerous,
  • horrible,
  • happy,
  • peculiar,
  • further,
  • final,
  • greatest,
  • wide,
  • possible,
  • german,
  • wild,
  • human,
  • mere,
  • long,
  • more,
  • much intellectual,
  • such dire,
  • almost certain,
  • proportionate,
  • ineffable,
  • chaotic,
  • wildest,
  • latent,
  • shocking,
  • frightful,
  • inevitable,
  • worst,
  • sad,
  • awful,
  • dire,
  • sudden,
  • especially democratic,
  • much sheer,
  • sudden terrible,
  • general,
  • thorough,
  • partial,
  • extensive,
  • official,
  • considerable,
  • previous,
  • extra,
  • military,
  • secret,
  • so-called,
  • present,
  • less,
  • progressive,
  • profound,
  • intellectual,
  • steady,
  • internal,
  • extreme,
  • economic,
  • sheer,
  • absolute,
  • physical,
  • individual,
  • certain,
  • frightful endemic,
  • endemic,
  • french,
  • subtle,
  • gradual,
  • wholesale,
  • deep,
  • rapid,
  • popular,
  • serious,
  • democratic,
  • public,
  • terrible,
  • total,
  • widespread,
  • fearful,
  • temporary,
  • consequent,
  • comparative,
  • universal,
  • national,
  • political,
  • social,
  • utter,
  • complete,
  • general.