What is another word for denouement?

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[ de͡ɪnˈuːmɔ̃], [ de‍ɪnˈuːmɔ̃], [ d_eɪ_n_ˈuː_m_ɔ̃]

Denouement is a term used in literature to refer to the outcome or resolution of a particular event or situation. There are several synonyms that can be used to describe this important aspect of storytelling, including outcome, conclusion, ending, resolution, finale, and climax. Each of these words highlights a slightly different aspect of the denouement, whether it is the final resolution of a problem, the emotional conclusion of the story, or the ultimate climax of the plot. Regardless of the specific word used, the denouement is an essential element of any narrative, providing closure and satisfying the reader's curiosity about the characters and their fates.

Related words: final act of a play, conclusion of a story, final wrap-up of an event, final or concluding outcome, final resolution

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    When we think about a denouement, we usually think about the ending of a movie, novel, or play. But what is the denouement of life? In simpler terms, the denouement of life is the moment when everything comes together and all is resolved. Sometimes this moment might be marked by a moment of triumph or peace, but it is always marked by a sense of completion. After everything has been revealed and all the loose ends have been tied up, we can finally rest in the knowledge that everything is okay. This is the ultimate denouement, and it is what makes life worth living.

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