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Deodar is a type of cedar tree that is popularly found in the western Himalayas. This tree is known for its strong, durable wood that is used for construction purposes, as well as for making furniture and decorative items. Some of the synonyms for the word deodar include Himalayan cedar, Indian cedar, and cedar of Lebanon. In addition, some other closely related species that are often referred to as deodar include deodar cedar, Himalayan pine, and blue pine. All of these trees are known for their characteristic evergreen foliage, and they are widely respected for their aesthetic value and ecological importance.

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    The deodar is the most common type of pine found in the Himalayas and other mountain ranges in north-western India and Pakistan.WN The tree grows to a height of 25 to 30 metres and has a slender trunk with a smooth bark. The needles are bunched together in bundles of 10 to 12.The cones are round to oval and contain three seeds. The tree is usually aromatic when crushed and its timber is used for building purposes, furniture and crafts.

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