What is another word for deplore?

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Deplore can be replaced by a host of synonyms that offer a similar meaning. Synonyms for the word deplore include abhor, condemn, lament, bemoan, regret, disapprove, mourn, denounce, criticize, censure, and lambaste. Each of these words conveys a degree of disapproval or displeasure towards something, but the level of intensity varies. For instance, "abhor" is stronger than "regret," while "lament" refers more to sorrow than disapproval. Understanding the various synonyms for "deplore" can help writers and speakers choose the word that best conveys their intended meaning. Whether used in the emotional context or not, there are many synonyms to provide a fitting replacement for the word "deplore".

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How to use "Deplore" in context?

When you deplore something, you disapprove of it strongly. For example, if your boss orders you to do something you find deplorable, you might say, "I deplore your decision to order me to do this.

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