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Deployment refers to the process of positioning people or equipment for specific purposes. Synonyms for deployment help to expand the range of ways that the concept of deployment can be expressed. The following synonyms may be used in place of the word deployment: implementation, utilization, placement, use, dissemination, rollout, application, operation, maneuver, positioning. Each of these synonyms adds a distinctive nuance to the concept of deployment. Implementation, for example, emphasizes the act of carrying out a plan, while rollout emphasizes the process of introducing a new system or product. Positioning, on the other hand, is a more specific synonym that emphasizes the placement of personnel or equipment in a specific location or configuration.

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How to use "Deployment" in context?

Deployment generally refers to the process of transferring an application, a version of an application, or a service to production. A deployment may also refer to the act of transferring an application or service to the users. Deployment may also refer to the process of creating, upgrading, patching, and monitoring a software application in the production environment.

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