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Depositary is a term that refers to a person or entity that holds something in safekeeping for someone else. This can range from a bank that is holding money on behalf of a customer, to a person who holds a secret for someone else. Synonyms for depositary include custodian, trustee, keeper, guardian, and steward. Other words that can be used to describe someone holding something in trust include administrator, executor, and conservator. Regardless of the term used, a depositary holds something of value for someone else and is entrusted with the responsibility of keeping it safe until it is needed.

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What is a depository?

A depository is a financial institution that specializes in storing valuables, such as cash and securities, for clients. Many depository institutions also offer other banking and investment services.

Some of the most well-known depository institutions are banks, savings and loans, and mutual savings banks. Depository institutions provide a variety of services, including savings, checking, and mortgage loans.

Depository institutions are regulated by state and federal governments. They are required to meet certain safety and soundness standards, and they provide consumers with a range of financial products and services.

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