What is another word for deputise?

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Deputise means to act as a substitute or representative for someone else. It is often used in the context of work or politics where one person is unable to perform their duties and another person steps in. Some synonyms for deputise include replace, stand in, substitute, cover, fill in, take over, act for, represent, and proxy. These words convey the same meaning of temporarily assuming the responsibilities of someone else when they are absent or unavailable. Delegating tasks to another individual, appointing an understudy or proxy is often necessary to ensure the smooth running of any organization or educational institution.

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    The definition of deputise is to act in the place of another. This can be done by someone who is authorized to do so or someone who has been given the trust or responsibility by the original person. In most cases, deputizing someone is a way of giving someone permission to do something that is not technically within their job title. For example, a police officer may deputize another person to act as a witness in a criminal trial.

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