What is another word for descant?

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Descant, also known as an alto or counterpoint, refers to the melody that is sung or played above the main melody. Some synonyms for descant include harmony, counterpoint, and second voice. These terms are often used in music to describe the different parts of an arrangement. Another synonym for descant is obbligato, which is a musical term used for an instrumental part that is essential to a piece of music. Other synonyms include variation, improvisation, and embellishment, as they all involve adding something extra or complementary to the main melody. Finally, the term descant can also refer to a discussion of a particular topic, making synonyms such as commentary, discussion, and examination relevant as well.

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How to use "Descant" in context?

The descant is a type of vocal solo in which a singer or instrumentalist sings a melody line below the main vocal line of a song. It is often used in Baroque and Classical music to support the main vocal line and to create a fuller sound.

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