What is another word for desertion?

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Desertion is a term that is commonly used to describe someone who abandons or leaves a specific post or position without proper authorization. There are several synonyms for desertion, and some of the most common ones include abandonment, defection, betrayal, forsaking, disloyalty, revolt, withdrawal, neglect, and renunciation. Each of these terms can be used in different contexts, and they all convey a similar meaning of someone leaving or abandoning something or someone. In the military, desertion is a punishable offense, and it refers to a soldier who leaves or abandons their position without permission. However, in other contexts, such as romantic relationships, desertion can refer to someone who walks out on their partner or abandons a commitment.

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    Desertion is the act of leaving one's place of duty, usually an armed forces or a voluntary organization, with the intent of not returning. It is a criminal act in most jurisdictions. Desertion has a spectrum of severity, from the mildest form of absence without leave to the severe form of desertion where an individual abandons their unit or country.

    The causes of desertion vary, but are frequently attributed to poor morale,disappointed hopes, or fear of the consequences. In some cases, desertion may be a reaction to persecution or torture.

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