What is another word for destiny?

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Destiny, a word that signifies a preordained fate, can conjure up various emotions within us. However, if you find the word too heavy, you can use some synonyms that convey the same meaning. Fate, fortune, providence, kismet, and serendipity are popular synonyms used to describe destiny. Fate implies an inevitable outcome that is beyond our control, while fortune suggests the result of luck and chance. Providence, on the other hand, alludes to divine intervention shaping our destiny. Kismet implies a predetermined path or destiny that is meant to happen, while serendipity signifies a fortunate accident or coincidence. Using any of these synonyms can add flair to your writing and make it sound more polished.

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    Since the dawn of time, humans have wondered about their destiny. Even in our present day society, people continue to ponder life's big questions: What happens after we die? Is there some grand plan or design in place for our lives?

    The ancient Greeks believed in a predetermined destiny for every person, dictated by their individual character and actions in life. The philosophes, or "thinkers" of the 18th century, looked to reason and science to figure out destiny. Some believed that our fate was predetermined by our genes, while others believed that we were the architects of our own destinies.

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