What is another word for determines?

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[ dɪtˈɜːmɪnz], [ dɪtˈɜːmɪnz], [ d_ɪ_t_ˈɜː_m_ɪ_n_z]

Determines is a word that often refers to the act of deciding or settling on something. There are various synonyms that could be used for this term including establishing, deciding, concluding, resolving, ruling, ascertaining, and figuring out. For instance, when making a decision, an individual determines the most appropriate course of action to take. In this case, determining could be replaced with deciding or resolving. Similarly, when conducting research, one uses different methods to ascertain or establish the truth. In conclusion, when trying to find different ways to express the meaning of determines, one can consider the aforementioned synonyms.

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How to use "Determines" in context?

Determines is a verb that means to determine something. For example, if you say "Ron is determine to help us," you are saying that Ron is very determined to help us.

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