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The word "deuce" has various synonyms, some of which are "devil," "blighter," "scoundrel," and "rascal." These words are often used to describe a person who is seen as a troublemaker or someone who tends to cause mischief. Other synonyms for "deuce" may include "rogue," "villain," "trickster," or "knave." These words are often used to describe someone who is cunning or sly and tends to deceive others. Whether describing a person or a situation, utilizing synonyms for "deuce" can add variety and depth to the language used to communicate.

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The deuce is a sports car made by American automobile manufacturer Ford in the mid-1960s.themed after the 1930s Ford Model A, the Deuce was assembled in two body styles, a two-door hardtop and a two-door fastback. The Deuce was range-topping trim level for the company's medium-sized Pinto and Falcon passenger cars. The Deuce was the first production car to feature a 345 cu in (5.4 L) V8 engine, and the first production car to be produced with a Six-speed transmission.

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