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The word "develops" can be described as a process of growth or advancement. Synonyms for "develops" include progresses, evolves, matures, expands, advances, transforms, flourishes, blossoms, thrives, and improves. "Progresses" implies gradual advancement, while "evolves" suggests a transformation or adaptation. "Expands" denotes an increase in size or scope, while "advances" indicates progress or forward movement. "Transforms" suggests a metamorphosis or modification, while "flourishes" implies a vigorous growth. "Blossoms" indicates the emergence of something significant, while "thrives" implies prosperity and success. "Improves" denotes positive change or enhancement. All of these words can be used to describe the various ways in which something "develops".

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How to use "Develops" in context?

Developing, by definition, means to make something from scratch. It entails labour and time, as well as a focus on actual outcome and creation. Developing something can be as simple as taking a blueprint or plan and turning it into a tangible product or service. Or, it can involve a great deal of creativity, invention, and trial and error.

Developing anything can be a challenge. But, if done properly, it can lead to great things. It can bring new ideas and products to market, improve the quality of life for everyone involved, and help to shape the future.

There are a number of ways to develop something.

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