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Deviate means to depart from an established course or standard. There are numerous other words that convey similar meanings to deviate, such as diverge, vary, stray, digress, or veer. All of these words suggest a shift away from the original path or norm. One can deviate from a plan, a routine, or a belief system. Another word that is similar in meaning is aberrate, which implies a departure from a norm in a more extreme or unusual way. Synonyms can help us to express more precisely what we mean, and to add variety and nuance to our language.

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    The word "deviate" comes from the Latin verb "devialere," meaning "to turn aside from the proper course or purpose." pronounced dah-vee-ah-lay-ray. This meaning is still apparent in the word's present meaning of "to depart from the ordinary course of nature." In this sense, a deviate may be considered an individual who goes against the social norms of a given group.

    The word "deviate" has also been used in the context of sexual behavior.

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