What is another word for diabolic?

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The word "diabolic" is often used to describe something evil or wicked. However, there are several other words that can be used as synonyms for this term. Some synonyms for "diabolic" include "demonic," "evil," "satanic," and "wicked." Other options include "devilish," "sinister," "malevolent," and "fiendish." Depending on the context, one of these synonyms may be more appropriate than another. For example, "devilish" may be a better choice when describing mischievous behavior, while "satanic" may be more fitting for discussing religious beliefs or practices. Regardless of which word you choose, be sure to consider the nuances of meaning and connotation when selecting synonyms for "diabolic".

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How to use "Diabolic" in context?

The word "diabolic" is derived from the Latin word "diabolus," meaning "devil." "Diabolical" is therefore a term used to describe something evil or destructive. There is no single definition for the word "diabolic," as it can refer to something that is harmful, sinful, and wicked, or it can refer to the abilities or power of the devil.

One of the first references to the diabolic comes from the Bible, in the book of Isaiah. There, Isaiah describes a day in the future when the devil will be allowed to rule over the earth.

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