What is another word for diazo?

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[ dˈa͡ɪəzˌə͡ʊ], [ dˈa‍ɪəzˌə‍ʊ], [ d_ˈaɪ_ə_z_ˌəʊ]

Diazo is a term used in chemistry to describe a class of organic compounds that contain a diazo group (-N=N-). Synonyms for diazo include diazonium, diazene, diazotization, and azo compound. Diazonium compounds are derivatives of diazene and have the general formula R-N^+2X^-, where R is an aryl or alkyl group and X is an anion. The process of transforming amines into diazonium compounds is known as diazotization, and the resulting compounds are called azo compounds. These are important intermediates in the production of dyes, pigments, and pharmaceuticals. Understanding the different synonyms for "diazo" is essential for anyone studying chemistry, particularly organic chemistry.

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How to use "Diazo" in context?

Diazo is a term that typically describes a type of black and white photographic image that has been enhanced with the use of azo dyes. Diazo images can be created through a chemical process that combines an organic black or white pigment with an azo dye.

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