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Dicot genus refers to a type of flowering plant that possesses two embryonic leaves or cotyledons in its seedling stage. There are several synonyms for the term dicot genus, including Magnoliopsida, Dicotyledones, and Magnoliidae. The Magnoliopsida class includes approximately 251 families and more than 175,000 species of flowering plants, with most of them belonging to the dicot genus. Similarly, the Dicotyledones group consists of approximately 60,000 species of plants with two embryonic leaves. On the other hand, Magnoliidae comprises around 10,000 species of plants from 14 families, including the magnolia and nutmeg families. Knowing these synonyms can enhance one's understanding of the different types of flowering plants and their respective characteristics.

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There are over 4000 named dicots, which is about one-seventh of the total number of vascular plants. Nearly all of the dicots are annual plants. The dicots have been divided into five subfamilies: Asteroideae, Cycadeae, Faboideae, Lamiiflageae, and Rosaceae. There is a total of 119 genera within these five subfamilies.

Nearly all of the dicots have leaves that are either lobed or divided into several leaflets. Most dicots also have a Flowers with five petals.

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