What is another word for diehard?

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Diehard is a term that refers to a person who is stubbornly resistant to change or who maintains a strong attachment to a belief, decision, or situation. Synonyms for diehard include steadfast, resolute, unyielding, determined, staunch, unwavering, tenacious, committed, devoted, and loyal. These words describe someone who refuses to give up or abandon their position, even in the face of opposition or adversity. A diehard is often a person who is deeply passionate about their cause or belief and is willing to endure great personal sacrifice to see it through. These synonyms for diehard capture the strength and tenacity of individuals who are unwilling to bend or break under pressure.

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How to use "Diehard" in context?

The word "diehard" is derived from the roots "diary" and "hard." Originally, it meant someone who was very dedicated to their work or cause. Today, the word is often used informally to describe someone who is very tough and uncompromising in their beliefs or behavior.

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