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Dilleniaceae is a family of flowering plants that includes over 320 species. Some common synonyms for Dilleniaceae include the family name "Theophrastaceae," which is sometimes used interchangeably, as well as "Hibbertiaceae" and "Pachypodiaceae." These plants are typically found in tropical and subtropical regions and are known for their large, showy flowers, which often have bright colors and intricate patterns. Many species in the Dilleniaceae family are used for medicinal purposes, and some are also used in traditional rituals and ceremonies. Overall, these plants are an important part of the global biodiversity and provide valuable benefits to both human and animal communities.

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The dilleniaceae are a family of flowering plants in the mustard family. The plants are widespread across much of the world, but are particularly common in the temperate and subtropical world. There are about 950 species in the family.

The Dilleniaceae are small to medium-sized plants, typically 2-8 feet tall. The leaves are Alternate, mostly lobed, and the flowers are either white or cream-colored, and are small and tubular. The fruit is a flat, conical seed pod.

The Dilleniaceae are monoecious, with both male and female flowers on the same plant.

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