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A dime is a form of currency used in the United States and Canada. However, there are several synonyms for the word "dime" that people use to describe this small coin. One of the most common synonyms for dime is "ten-cent piece." Others include "deci-cent," "one-tenth dollar," and "nickey." While these words may not be familiar to everyone, they are still used in some regions and by some individuals. The word "dime" has been in use since the United States adopted its decimal currency system in 1792, and it remains a common term for the ten-cent coin to this day.

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Dime is a small, copper coin minted by the United States since 1873. The dime is one of the most common coins in the world. In 1873, the US Mint came up with the idea of minting asmall copper coin instead of the larger silver coin. The dime was the first US coin to be made of copper and it was called the "dime" because it was worth one tenth of a dollar.

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