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Dimes are small coins that are worth ten cents. There are many different synonyms for the word "dime" including "ten-penny," "tenth," and "tithe." Other synonyms for dimes include "deci-dollar," "jabot," and "tithe-piece." These coins can also be referred to as "small change," "nickels," or simply just "coins." In slang, dimes may also be referred to as "dimes pieces," "dimebags," or "dime rocks." No matter what you call them, dimes are an important part of our currency system and are commonly used in everyday transactions, from buying a pack of gum at a convenience store to paying for a parking meter or vending machine item.

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DIMES are a dime a dozen in the coin world, but what do they actually mean and where did they come from? A Roman coin worth ten sestertii, which was made of copper and weighed three grains, was called a "dime" and was worth one-twentieth of a denarius.

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