What is another word for diptera?

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Diptera is a scientific name commonly used for a group of insects that have two wings. However, there are several synonyms that describe these pesky flying creatures including true flies, two-winged flies, and houseflies. Some other synonyms for Diptera include gnat, midge, mosquito, crane fly, black fly, and fruit fly. These insects are characterized by their unique flying patterns and are known to carry diseases such as malaria and yellow fever. Synonyms for Diptera are useful in increasing the vocabulary of entomologists, biologists, and other scientists who study these fascinating creatures.

Related words: fly, dipteran, bristletail, voracious, fruit fly, dragonfly, butterfly

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    The diptera are a large and diverse group of flies, numbering more than one million described species in thirty-one families. They are the second largest order of insects, after the Hemiptera. Diptera are distinguished from other insects by their two wings (or, in the case of the bristletails, three wings), which they use to fly. Their legs are modified into organs of sensory perception, such as antennae and compound eyes.

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