What is another word for dis-agreeing?

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Dis-agreeing can mean to have a difference of opinion or to be in opposition to something or someone. There are several synonyms that can be used to describe this state of disagreement such as conflicting, clashing, dissenting, diverging, opposing, and disputing. Conflicting describes when two or more ideas or opinions are in direct opposition to each other. Clashing is similar to conflicting but typically refers to a more intense disagreement or argument. Dissenting means to have a different opinion or to disagree with a group or individual. Diverging can be used to describe when two or more ideas or opinions are moving in different directions. Opposing means to be against someone or something. Disputing is when two people or groups are arguing about something they disagree on.

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    How to use "Dis-agreeing" in context?

    Disagreeing can be a way of communicating that we have different opinion on a matter. However, sometimes disagreement can lead to tension and conflict. In order to avoid these negative consequences, we should know how to disagree constructively.

    Constructive disagreement is a way to have a conversation where both parties understand where the other is coming from. It involves being respectful, observing boundaries, and trying to reach a compromise. There are four key principles to follow when disagreeing effectively:

    1. Understanding: first, we must understand the other person's position. We need to get a sense of their reasoning and understanding.

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