What is another word for Disaggregation?

Pronunciation: [dˌɪsˌaɡɹɪɡˈe͡ɪʃən] (IPA)

Disaggregation can be defined as the process of breaking down larger units of data or information into their smaller and more specific components. There are various synonyms for the word disaggregation like deconstruction, breakdown, segmentation, separation, analysis, distinction, subdivision, fragmentation, partition, and subcategorization. These synonyms represent various aspects of disaggregation in terms of data, information, and ideas. By disaggregating information, better insights and analysis can be produced while enabling a more detailed understanding of the subject at hand. The use of synonyms for disaggregation helps to emphasize the significance of this analytical process in research, business, and various other fields where detailed understanding is essential.

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What are the hypernyms for Disaggregation?

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Usage examples for Disaggregation

If this astral body, as is probable, in its turn suffers disintegration, there is no proof that the soul survives this second Disaggregation.
"Mrs. Piper & the Society for Psychical Research"
Michael Sage
The same phenomenon recurred on November 27, 1885, and confirmed the hypothesis of the demolition and Disaggregation of Biela's Comet into shooting stars.
"Astronomy for Amateurs"
Camille Flammarion

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