What is another word for disbelieve?

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Disbelieve, synonymously referred to as doubt, mistrust and incredulity, is the state of being unable or unwilling to accept something as true or real. Doubt, meaning to have uncertainty or hesitation about something, considers the possibility of it not being true. Mistrust, on the other hand, involves an active distrust in someone or something due to a lack of confidence or reliability. Incredulity suggests difficulty in accepting something as true, even though it may be proven or logical. Overall, these various synonyms for disbelieve imply varying levels of skepticism, uncertainty, and mistrust towards something, depending on the individual's perception and context of the situation.

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    Believe is one of the most important words in our lives. To believe means to have hope and to have faith in something. It is what makes us believe in things that we cannot see and makes us believe in the impossible. It is what allows us to keep going when things get tough.

    But what happens when we lose our belief in something? When we no longer have any hope or faith in something, that is when we say that we have lost our belief in that thing.

    Many times, when we lose our belief in something, it is because we have been hurt or we have seen too many bad things happen.

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