What is another word for discriminate?

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Discriminate is a word that has a range of synonyms. Some of these include distinguish, differentiate, separate, segregate, pinpoint, and identify. Discriminating implies a form of distinction made between things or individuals based on certain qualities, traits, or characteristics. To differentiate is to separate and distinguish things that may seem similar, while separating or segregating involves dividing something or someone into parts. Pinpoint refers to identifying a specific target or determining its precise location. Each of these words embody their unique connotations that can be used interchangeably with discriminate, depending on the context. By exploring these different synonyms for discriminate, you can accurately choose the right word to express your intended meaning.

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How to use "Discriminate" in context?

When we discriminate, we are making a judgment about someone or something. Sometimes it is an easier decision to ignore someone or something because we don't want to deal with them. Other times, we may make assumptions about someone or something based on their appearance or what we know about them.

We can be consciously or unconsciously discriminatory. We can act out our biases in our words and actions, or we can just not pay much attention to someone or something. In some cases, it can be difficult to stop discriminating, especially if it's something that we feel is important to us.

But discrimination doesn't have to be negative.

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