What is another word for disguised?

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Disguised is a word that describes something that is hidden behind a false appearance. Synonyms for disguised include camouflaged, concealed, masked, veiled, hidden, and concealed. They all refer to something that is not readily apparent or visible to the naked eye. Other synonyms for disguised include cloaked, disguised, incognito, and undercover. Each of these words describes something that is intentionally disguised in order to conceal or deceive. Whether you're talking about a person, an object, or a situation, these synonyms for disguised can help you communicate the idea that something is not what it seems.

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For years, investigators have searched for a killer who disguises their crimes as something else. In this situation, the killer usually uses a aliases, a disguise, or some other method to make it harder to track them down. In some cases, the killer may even leave clues to their true identity hidden in their crime scene.

One recent example of this type of murder is the case of Shauna Steagald. Steagald is a

disguised killer who is known for killing nurses. She has been accused of killing seven nurses between 1998 and 2002.

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