What is another word for dishonestly?

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[ dɪsˈɒnɪstli], [ dɪsˈɒnɪstli], [ d_ɪ_s_ˈɒ_n_ɪ_s_t_l_i]

Dishonestly means acting in a deceitful, fraudulent, or underhanded manner. Some synonyms for this word include fraudulently, deceitfully, untruthfully, deceptively, perfidiously, and misleadingly. In addition, dishonestly can also be substituted by the terms treacherously, surreptitiously, unfairly, slyly, corruptly, and duplicitously. Essentially, any word that connotes deceit, trickery, or unfairness is a potential synonym for dishonestly. When people act dishonestly, they violate trust and undermine their credibility. It's essential to be truthful and honest in all matters because it builds trust and fosters connection. Using synonyms for dishonestly can help writers articulate this concept more vividly and effectively.

How to use "Dishonestly" in context?

"dishonestly" is a word that means to act without honesty. People can dishonestly do many different things, from lying to cheating. dishonestly can sometimes be a bad thing, because it means that people are not being honest. When someone is dishonest, it can sometimes be difficult to trust them.

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