What is another word for disillusioned?

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[ dɪsɪlˈuːʒənd], [ dɪsɪlˈuːʒənd], [ d_ɪ_s_ɪ_l_ˈuː_ʒ_ə_n_d]

Synonyms for Disillusioned:

How to use "Disillusioned" in context?

It seems that ever since high school, when I realized I wasn't good enough, I've been disillusioned with my abilities. It was all I could do to keep up with the kids in my grade, and even now as an adult, I can't seem to find my place in the world. I'm always falling short, no matter what I do. I've given up on myself, and I don't think I can ever regain my former confidence.

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