What is another word for disorganised?

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Disorganised is a word that describes a state of being cluttered, chaotic, and lacking in order. There are a variety of synonyms for disorganised that can be used to describe this state of disorderliness. Examples include haphazard, messy, unstructured, jumbled, scrambled, untidy, confused, and chaotic. These words can be used interchangeably with disorganised to indicate a lack of organization, order, or structure. Whether in reference to a physical space, schedule, or thought process, disorganised and its synonyms serve as useful descriptors of a state of disorderliness that can be remedied through careful attention and planning.

How to use "Disorganised" in context?

Disorganised people can seem scattered and unkempt. They may have difficulty sticking to a plan and they may find it difficult to stay on track. Disorganised people may also have trouble staying on task and they may have trouble organising their thoughts.

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