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Dispatch is a verb that means to send something or someone off to a destination. Some common synonyms for the word dispatch include send, forward, ship, transmit, deliver, and transfer. Other options include despatch, quicken, expedite, hasten, accelerate, and speed up. For instance, you can dispatch a package via mail or courier, dispatch troops to a warzone, or dispatch an email to a coworker. Using synonyms for dispatch can help to add variety to your writing or communication and make it more interesting to read. Whatever word you decide to use, always remember to be clear and concise in your use of language.

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    Dispatch is a computer process that allows software to control the flow of information between various parts of a computer system. When one program requests data from another, the requester's software can send a request to the dispatch queue of the requesting program. The dispatch queue then sends the requested data to the program as soon as it is available.

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