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The word "dispensed" means to distribute or provide something to someone. However, sometimes it's important to vary our vocabulary in order to keep our writings interesting and engaging. Some synonyms for "dispensed" include allocated, delivered, divided, granted, passed out, issued, supplied, dispersed, doled out, and disseminated. Each of these words conveys a slightly different sense of how the distribution of items or resources took place. For example, "allocated" might suggest a more deliberate or strategic distribution, while "passed out" might suggest a more casual or informal distribution. User can experiment with these alternatives to discover which ones work best in their specific context.

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When it comes to medication, few patients prefer taking it in pill form. Some find the medications difficult to swallow, others find them messy and unpleasant to take. Dispensing medications in an easy to use, easy to understand manner is one way to improve patient satisfaction and adherence to therapy.

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