What is another word for Disperser?

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Disperser is a term use to describe a tool or an object that is designed to scatter or distribute something. There are various synonyms to this term including but not limited to spreader, scatterer, diffuser, distributor, sower, and disseminator. A spreader is a disperser that is used for spreading seeds or fertilizers on a field. A scatterer, on the other hand, could be used for scattering small objects like confetti. A diffuser is a disperser that is used to spread light or sound waves. A distributor is a disperser that helps in distributing products or goods. Sower and disseminator are synonyms for disperser that are used in a more figurative sense as they refer to spreading or disseminating ideas or information.

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    Disperser is a software application used to distribute files and folders between connected computers. It allows users to copy files and folders between computers without connecting them to the Internet.

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