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Displacing refers to moving or replacing something or someone from its original position. There are several synonyms that can be used to convey a similar meaning, such as displanting, relocating, dislodging, transferring, repositioning, removing, shifting, replacing, and reassigning. Displanting refers to uprooting or removing something from the ground, while relocating indicates moving something or someone from one place to another. Dislodging signifies forcefully removing something from its position, whereas transferring denotes moving something from one person or place to another. Repositioning means gaining a new position, while removing means taking something or someone away from a particular place. Shifting implies moving something in a different direction, and replacing signifies substituting one thing with another. Finally, reassigning refers to allocating someone to a new position.

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"Displacing" is a novel by Rupi Kaur. The novel tells the story of two sisters, Roop and Radha, and their strained relationship. Roop is from Punjab, India, and Radha is from Canada. Roop has always yearned for a better life for herself and her family, but the opportunities that are available to her in Punjab are limited. Radha offers Roop a chance to come to Canada and live with her. Roop relocate her entire family to Canada, but their relationship is difficult from the beginning.

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