What is another word for dissolutely?

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[ dˈɪsəlˌuːtli], [ dˈɪsəlˌuːtli], [ d_ˈɪ_s_ə_l_ˌuː_t_l_i]

"Dissolutely" means behaving in a carefree and immoral manner. Some synonyms for this word may include licentiously, wantonly, promiscuously, debauchedly, or lewdly. Each of these words describes a similar behavior or attitude that is associated with a lack of restraint or moderation. Other synonyms for "dissolutely" may include recklessly, immoderately, or extravagantly. Each of these words could be used to describe someone who is living an indulgent and unrestrained lifestyle that may be considered immoral or unethical by some. Regardless of the specific word used, "dissolutely" is always associated with a certain degree of moral looseness or decadence that is often frowned upon by society.

How to use "Dissolutely" in context?

Dissolutely is a combination of the word "solid" and the word "thoroughly." It means completely and completely. When you use dissolutely, you mean to use thoroughness and solidity to your advantage. You can use dissolutely to describe how you plan to do something or to emphasize how seriously you are taking something. For example, you might say that you plan to dissolutely complete your project, or you might say that you dissolutely refuse to do something.

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