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Disunity is a term that refers to lack of harmony or agreement among people, leading to discord and division. Synonyms for disunity include disharmony, discord, disagreement, disaccord, inharmony, dissension, conflict, and factionalism. Disharmony emphasizes lack of agreement in opinions, musical tones or melodies. Discord refers to a disagreement that often leads to noise or chaos and can be related to conflict. Disaccord implies a lack of coordination and understanding where people do not function in sync. Dissension involves open disagreement and strong difference of opinion. Inharmony highlights a lack of consistency leading to an unpleasant situation. Conflict refers to a struggle that can lead to hostility. Factionalism highlights rivalry between different groups or factions.

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We all want to be united. We want to feel like one big family. But sometimes, that unity is hard to come by. We may feel divided because of our different beliefs, our different backgrounds, or our different races. Some people say that this kind of division is one of the main reasons why the United States is struggling right now.

The problems that the US is facing right now can be traced back to disunity. The US is made up of many different cultures and races, and because of that, the country has never been able to come together as one.

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