What is another word for Diuturnal?

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[ dˈɪjuːtˌɜːnə͡l], [ dˈɪjuːtˌɜːnə‍l], [ d_ˈɪ_j_uː_t_ˌɜː_n_əl]

Diuturnal is not a commonly used word, but it refers to events or behaviors that occur during the daytime. If you need a synonym for diuturnal, you can use the word "diurnal" which is a common term and means the same thing. Another word you can use is "daytime" or "daylight." Other synonyms include "daytime-related," "daytime-utilizing," or "daylight-dependent." You can also use "daytime-specific," "daytime-restricted," or "daytime-concentrated" to describe behaviors that only happen during the day. Whatever synonym you choose, make sure it accurately describes the idea of events or behaviors happening during the day.

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How to use "Diuturnal" in context?

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