What is another word for diversify?

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Diversify is a verb that means to add variety or to make something more diverse. Synonyms for diversify include broaden, expand, vary, enrich, extend, augment, and improve. These words all denote the act of adding something different or new to a particular thing or system, with the hope of making it more versatile or unique. For instance, a company might decide to diversify its products, meaning it will expand its product range. On the other hand, a farmer might decide to diversify his crops, meaning he will introduce different types of fruits and vegetables to his farm. Synonyms for diversify can be useful as they allow you to use different words to convey the same meaning.

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    Diversification is an important financial strategy for protecting your portfolio from financial shocks. By spreading your money across different types of investments, you reduce the potential for a single event (such as market volatility) to have a large impact on your overall portfolio.

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