What is another word for divot?

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Divot is a common golf term that describes a piece of turf cut out by a clubhead while taking a stroke. Synonyms for divot include "scar," "flap," and "swatch," which are all related concepts to the original word. Other words that come to mind include "nick," "indentation," "hole," and "pit," which imply a deeper or more significant depression in the ground. Additional words include "dimple," "notch," and "dent," which suggest a smaller, more subtle imperfection on the surface. Whatever the word, golfers know to repair divots, so the course stays healthy and holds up over time.

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    A divot, also known as a hollow, is a geographical feature consisting of a depression in the ground. The most common divots are created when a shovel digs into the earth, but they can also be caused by heavy vehicles driving over an area, or by meteor strikes.

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