What is another word for dolorously?

Pronunciation: [dˈɒləɹəsli] (IPA)

"Dolorously" is an adverb that means something causing emotional or physical pain in a sorrowful manner. There are several synonym words for "dolorously" including; mournfully, painfully, melancholically, heartrendingly, distressfully, forlornly, piteously, woefully, dismally, sorrowfully, miserably. All these words convey the same level of sadness and emotional pain. While writing a piece of content, using synonyms helps to avoid repetition, and boredom in the reader. It is essential to use the appropriate synonyms, as some words may give a different meaning to the sentence. Overall, using synonyms adds diversity and depth to the language.

What are the opposite words for dolorously?

The antonyms for the word "dolorously" can be found in words such as cheerfully, happily, joyfully, lightly, and merrily. These words convey a sense of happiness, optimism, and lightness that is in stark contrast to the heaviness and sadness that is implied by the word "dolorously." While "dolorously" suggests pain, grief, and sadness, its antonyms suggest the opposite, conveying a sense of hope, happiness, and lightness. By using such antonyms, we can depict a world that is much more joyful and optimistic, where happiness and hope are abundant, and sorrow and grief are only fleeting moments in time.

Usage examples for Dolorously

At last May said, and very dolorously: 'Alice, I thought you were kinder; haven't you a word of pity?
George Moore
In 1806, when Dies found him rather weaker than usual, he dolorously remarked: You see it is all over with me.
J. Cuthbert Hadden
She found him one night, shortly before Christmas, sitting dolorously before his table covered with papers, while an unusual cloud overshadowed his face.
"Little Tora, The Swedish Schoolmistress and Other Stories"
Mrs. Woods Baker

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