What is another word for domination?

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Domination refers to a state of being in control or having power over others. There are several synonyms that can be used to describe this state including domination, dominance, mastery, control, influence, authority, supremacy, hegemony, command, and reign. These words all carry the connotation of having power or being in charge of a situation. While some of these words have a negative connotation, others like authority and control can be used to describe situations where someone is responsible for managing a group or an organization. Whatever word is used, the connotation is that the individual or group being described has a significant amount of power and control over their surroundings.

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How to use "Domination" in context?

There is no single definition of domination and no single understanding of it across different societies, subcultures and communities. In general, domination can be understood as the exercise of power over someone or something. It can be a physical, psychological or social domination. It can be exercised through a variety of different means such as coercion, threats, intimidation, rewards or punishment.

Dominance is not simply about one person or group getting the upper hand. Dominance can also be about creating a sense of belonging and about strengthening hierarchies. It can also be about maintaining control over specific areas of someone's life or over whole populations.

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